We are a biotechnology company.

We offer multiple enzyme solutions to different segments of the industry and the food market through specific products that respond to the specific needs of each company.

Our vast experience in the area, the technology employed and the technical and specialized equipment that we have, make ENMEX products and services reliable and places us as one of the pioneers in the production and marketing of enzymes in Mexico, by ensuring that each product meets the agreed specifications and is the long-awaited solution.



We are a 100% Mexican company

We form part of the Arancia Industrial Group,
which has been promoting businesses and creating welfare for 85 years.

ENMEX was founded in 1972 to venture into the manufacture of industry and food grade enzymes and, since then, we have been developing and transforming ourselves, by keeping the commitment with our national and international customers to provide technical and specialized support, as well as national and international certifications that support our solutions at all times.


We maintain a hygienic environment throughout the chain of production, which is adequate for the production, handling and provision of the finished product