The usage of enzymes in animal feed improve the digestibility and availability of nutrients.


  • The inclusion of this enzymatic combination of a potent xylanase and the secondary effect of glucanase, pectinase and cellulose that hydrolyze non-starch polysaccharides, will allow the usage of vegetable and cereal source ingredients with high fiber content without affecting the digestibility of diets used in pigs, ruminants and poultry.

  • LICUAMIL® P 2250
  • Bacterial alpha amylase that reduces starch to small molecules and allows a better assimilation of the energy contained in pigs, poultry and ruminants diets.

  • MPRO NX®
  • Bacterial origin protease of high activity at the different pH levels of the gastrointestinal tract and thermal stability during pelleting. Its wide range of substrates, both plant and animal origin, make it an excellent option to increase digestibility of protein contained in animal diet.

  • Combination of beta glucanase and cellulase, both of highly concentrated activity, that will allow better assimilation of nutrients limited by the cell wall of vegetables (dietary fiber) increasing the availability of nutrients in the diet.‬

  • High activity at acidic, alkaline and neutral pH, effective for the hydrolysis of hemoglobin, gelatin, soybean and fish flours, as well as other vegetable and animal proteins.‬Its high concentration allows increased protein digestibility without significantly modifying the formulation.‬

  • Glucoamylase used in the saccharification of starch for the production of dextrose. Along with LICUAMIL® P 2250 a better assimilation of dietary starch can be achieved.