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Pioneers in the field of biotechnology in Mexico

Since 1974 we started the production of food and industrial grade enzymes. Today we offer the best alternatives for your process, contribuiting to the care of our environment as well.

We continually update our production plant with the latest technology, allowing us to develop quality enzymes that satisfy the needs of our customers.

We are a company with strong values and principles focused on the better use of human, technological, environmental and financial resources resulting into an offering of high value-added products.

In ENMEX we are committed to quality, which is backed by international certifications that allow us to be present worldwide as a reliable and competitive option.

Protein Hydrolysis

In different industries such as food grade enzymes, flavors, pet food, and by-products processing, among others, utilize protein-based products, which are the result of an enzymatic hydrolysis process.

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Animal Nutrition

The use of enzymes in animal nutrition helps us to improve outstandingly the digestion of nutrients increasing the productive response of animals to the diet, reducing production costs.

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The application of our enzyme products in the beer brewing process allows compensating the irregular content of malt´s endogenous enzymes. Therefore, a uniform quality of the final product can be achieved, obtaining better control of the process.

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